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overall overall 24hr
1. Bllmp  8,907,031

2. Valid  8,250,677

3. I Am A Plum  6,912,683

4. Marthijs  5,654,643

5. Lv Ivo  5,628,238

6. Kenymkormic  5,174,879

7. Tmat  5,139,574

8. Firedog118  5,110,353

9. Numeral  5,102,592

10. Dire Straits  4,915,310

overall overall 7d
1. Instagram  1,950,446,529

2. Visiting  629,311,111

3. Blood Nihil  94,318,628

4. Larkham  71,028,883

5. Pulu  60,287,538

6. Allyl  59,727,878

7. Dreo  55,133,670

8. Zenzors1  54,931,152

9. Rsh  52,243,545

10. Tonnirotta  51,042,034

overall overall 31d
1. Instagram  1,950,446,529

2. An Evil Cat  1,075,194,831

3. Visiting  629,311,111

4. Dreo  360,947,060

5. Erlend  353,025,278

6. Mikro1  350,767,213

7. Valid  350,098,269

8. Smi  326,363,573

9. Zenzors1  302,867,116

10. Love  284,673,930

RuneTracker News

March 23rd '18:

Hello everyone. The bug that was preventing a lot of people from being able to update their stats has been fixed. We are very sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.
We've also started tackling the issue of glitched user records, and you can now see an asterisk (*) on the Records page beside the names that have been flagged as glitched record by our system, which is most of the top records. The next steps will be to prevent new glitched records from being added and cleaning out the existing records database, but we've added the flagging for a start. Thank you for your patience with these errors!

May 21st '17:

The Double XP Weekend has been added to the events page! Also pages have been added. Don't know why the heck we didn't have them all this time. Good luck and have fun!

September 24th '16:

The Bonus Exp Weekend has been added to the events page. We're a day late adding it but the gains you've already had will be automatically counted in the event when you update your stats!

February 26th '16:

The GameBlast16 Bonus Exp Weekend has been added to the events page. Have fun this weekend and make some records!

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Week's Users: 46,003
Total Users Logged: 3,343,442
Total Data Points Logged: 72,981,315

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